Part Of My Backyard Garden

Part Of My Backyard Garden
July 25, 2013

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lots of Stuff on a Cold Day

Thoughts from a wandering mind on a cold day
We have so much snow in Wyoming this winter the government is thinking about turning the globe sideways and call us the North Pole.
Looks like football season is almost over—for the non-fans—finally over
Another BCS game for another mythical championship
Another round of pro play-offs to see if the oldest man in America can take his Vikings to a championship
Can’t wait for Baseball season—not really a fan but baseball brings warm weather.
Global warming is still avoiding Wyoming, many days below zero in December and it is never our coldest month
I am still working on my retirement plans—need to figure a way to come up with another $5,000 a month and I’m out of here
Rumor mill says the economy is on the rebound, some think the government is getting us out of the recession, others think the government got us there in the first place