Part Of My Backyard Garden

Part Of My Backyard Garden
July 25, 2013

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the air. All of our snow melted the last few hours with temperatures in the seventies. I hear birds singing outside my open windows. CRAP—must have dozed off for a while. Looked out and snow still covers the back yard and the birds singing were on television. Think I will go back to sleep or maybe to McDonalds, I’m hungry. I hate daytime nightmares. Daymares?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How to Beat the Snow

More snow coming tomorrow and the weekend. I went out and shoveled this morning and will use my snow blower later this afternoon. We don’t have any snow to shovel or blow from the walks but I like to stay ahead. If I have this figured correctly I am two up on the snow. I never was much good at math or psychology but I do belief that should mean that the next two snows will not fall on my walks or drive. I tried something similar this summer but it didn’t work. I mowed the lawn in the morning, again in the afternoon and once again that evening. Then we left for a three week vacation. When we got home the grass was nearly knee high. The lawn looked like no one had mowed it for two or three weeks. I know that couldn’t be it—maybe I used too much fertilizer. I’ll watch it closer this year.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Playing on a Day Off

Got up this morning and didn’t want to go to work – again. So I stayed home and played video games, ate popsicles and built a snow fort. Or that is what I would have done if I were 12 again, instead of fifty years past. So what do we old guys do for fun? Play video games eat popsicles and build snow forts, except now we do it with our grandkids.