Part Of My Backyard Garden

Part Of My Backyard Garden
July 25, 2013

Friday, September 20, 2013

Really Bad Week

Started off the week with a sprained ankle, guess maybe guys my age should quit playing basketball, even if I do still have considerable game. OK, actually I did it stepping off a two inch step in Jackson Hole last weekend. By Tuesday I added a nose running, sneezing, itching eyes, cold. Thursday the flu set in. Today I am about as miserable as anyone can be.

I will attempt to remedy my maladies by watching dozens of football games in the next 48 hours, I believe it will work. And I have all the channels to give it a tremendous effort.

Wish me luck, I know it will be tough, but I have pillows properly arranged on the couch, assorted drinks, heating pads, throws, lap top, kindle reader and other goodies to get me through my time of need. And, of course, my wife is tending to me quite well. She went down to one of the local stop and rob’s and picked up a 7UP for me. When I finish it, I believe that will make, exactly one 7UP in the past several decades. Hey, tastes pretty good.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Back In School

Kids in America are back in school and instead of celebrating that fact, we are already looking at test score data. When I was a kid in grade school (1950s) we took one big test a year. Now kids seem to be tested over and over and we are never happy with the results. Maybe if we just had one test like the old days we could be happy.
Anyway, from where I sit I can hear kids on the school grounds, this time of year, and I feel like all is as it should be.