Part Of My Backyard Garden

Part Of My Backyard Garden
July 25, 2013

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Time For Senator McCain to Act Like a Statesmen Instead of a Putz

 Leading Senate Republicans are now telling the White House, they will try to block the confirmation of Chuck Hagel, President Obama’s nominee to be secretary of defense, setting up a showdown vote on Friday.

Mr. Hagel, a former Republican senator from Nebraska and decorated Vietnam veteran, had earlier appeared to have at least the 60 votes required to break a Republican filibuster. But Senator John McCain of Arizona, who is looking more and more like a disgruntled

 X-presidential candidate and other Republicans who had said they might oppose Mr. Hagel but would not back a filibuster. Now they are saying they will not support ending debate until they receive more detailed answers to questions about the administration’s response to the attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

And what exactly was Chuck Hagel’s role in Libya? The same as mine, and yours, not one single thing, and that my friends is what is wrong American politics, time to clean house, get in some new blood,  find people who care more about this country than their petty concerns.



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