Part Of My Backyard Garden

Part Of My Backyard Garden
July 25, 2013

Friday, June 27, 2008

Seasons of the Year--An award winning Poem

         -Wyoming Seasons-


Summer* is the season of warmth

 Well—over seventy at least

 And Mosquitoes   (I hate those little creeps)


Fall* is the season of falling leaves

 If we had trees

And huntin’ season   (Guns, Pick-up Trucks and Campers—Yee-Ha)


Winter* is cheerful with the first snow fall

And then it keeps snowing

 And snowing and snowing (Shoveling snow makes me want to move to Arizona and join the other old really old people in the sun)


Spring* is welcomed with open arms

 It usually comes on a Tuesday in the middle of June

 And is followed by summer the next day (This year we only had a few feet of snow in April and May)



·    Red- The color of summer and the spot on your arm after smashing another Mosquito.

·        Brown- The color of fall and the spots on your arm as the scabs heal.

·        Yellow- Winter and the color of snow that Wyoming people do not eat.

*    Green- The color of spring and the money you will shell out for flowers that will freeze in your yard.


© NA Waring 2008


dsonney01 said...

I just finished watching "Last Comic Standing" and I KNOW YOU"RE FUNNIER than them! Dannelle

frankandmary said...

Pick up trucks & campers aren't so bad, as long as a drunk with a gun isn't driving them.  Uhm, this entry is colorful :-)~Mary