Part Of My Backyard Garden

Part Of My Backyard Garden
July 25, 2013

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Can't Wait For Spring

      Can’t wait for Groundhog Day—its coming soon. I’m worried we could be in for a long winter and the old hog will let us know. The groundhog has been right eighty-three percent of the time. I made that up! It’s probably right sometimes, how often, about like the local weatherman, sometimes. My prediction is that it’s winter now it will be winter in February and March, I will get to play golf once in April and then it will be winter again. May should bring showers—of snow and more winter, I will plant my garden in June and replant twice. You read it here first; winter will seem to last forever this year. Doesn’t matter, I will be spending most of March and all of April in Hawaii, where it is eternally summer. Not really but it feels good to lie about it.  

      By the way, the wind chill yesterday reached a new record -273 degrees. Not sure how they figure that stuff or even who they are. But the temperature was -112 and the wind was blowing 64 miles per hour from nearly every direction. Evidently that adds up to a wind chill of -273, hum, seemed a bit cooler to me.

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