Part Of My Backyard Garden

Part Of My Backyard Garden
July 25, 2013

Monday, January 28, 2008

State of the Union


        Looks like I'm a day ahead. I'm writing today not tomorrow so guess I didn’t make up this stuff yesterday, I made it up today. But Tuesday it will be yesterday since today is Monday, so wait until tomorrow to read and it will be yesterday.

        Just watched the State of the Union, still not sure what the State of the Union is but guess it’s ok. Looks like our government gift $1,200 is already down to $1,000. After a few more cuts and then paying income tax on it next year I  still have hopes of having enough to fill up the tank on the SUV—But I’m not counting on it.

            The President did mention that No Child Left Behind is a big success. TEST-TEST-TEST and more TEST. No child left behind is pushing the dropout rate and pushing teachers from the profession. Not sure if the bogus numbers the government shows really matter. The entire school thing is starting to look more and more like George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.”  The big guys at the top do everything for the rest, until it all fails. Seems like local control of schools is only a distant memory, and that’s too bad.

            One good thing did come from the speech. The president mentioned that our borders are now secure. We have a bunch of fence in place and lots of guards, should stop any invasion attempt from Mexico, now if we can just keep those angry Canadians away.

            In closing I was happy to hear the president promise all Americans free Diet Pepsi for life. Now that’s exciting. I did doze off toward the end but I thought I heard about the Pepsi.


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