Part Of My Backyard Garden

Part Of My Backyard Garden
July 25, 2013

Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl and Other Stuff

           When’s the super bowl, I know it's coming up soon.  Think I will act like a sportswriter and take a stab at the final score. I am going with New York 17—New England 14. Not sure what channel it will be on, but I will be watching.

            I heard today that New England will be forced to change their name before next season, seems they have a geographical advantage over teams with only one city to support them. Believe the Arizona cardinals are in some trouble also. Forgot about the Colorado Rockies but think they might be a hockey team or a Ultimate Frisbee team.

            My favorite team, the Chiefs, once again failed to make the play-offs, looks like they need some help before next season. Most teams change players and coaches when things do not go well. If I were in charge I might try something else, like change the team colors, the cheerleader uniforms and the mustard for the stadium dogs. Maybe go all out and change from Coke in the stadium to Pepsi. These changes might be just what are needed to turn the franchise around.

            Enough of that—how about that Presidential race, looks like it will be exciting Tuesday—Super Tuesday, think they are playing the big game that same day. You heard it here first the winners of the Super Tuesday primaries will be Robin of Locksley and and John Dunbar. All-right you caught me. Two Kevin Costner characters.

            This just in—Bob Knight retired, who’s next Joe Gibbs?


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